As a SCORE Volunteer:

  • Support local entrepreneurs
  • Network and build new relationships
  • Help grow your local small business community
  • Expand your skillset and professional reputation
  • And more!

Give Back in Many Ways

SCORE is looking for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to serve in a variety of roles — from knowledgeable business mentors to local community advocates. Review the descriptions of the volunteer roles at SCORE, find the best one for you, then apply. Your local chapter will contact you to learn more about you and to share information about onboarding and training, SCORE’s code of ethics, and other pertinent details for the role.

Business Mentor

Female Business Mentor working with two clients

What you’ll do:

  • Advise small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Guide clients in developing business plans and business growth
  • Share business knowledge, experience, and practical “know how”
  • Inspire business owners to achieve their ownership dreams


  • Broad and deep experience as a business owner or as an upper-level business manager
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/month

Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Expert working on laptop at desk

What you’ll do:

  • Support mentors and business owners in answering questions related to your area of expertise
  • Share deep knowledge in a targeted functional area
  • Offer practical “know how” and specialized knowledge

Qualifications (any):

  • Proven mastery of a specialized business topic such as ecommerce, accounting, human resources, technology, and others
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Time Commitment: 2-10 hours/month (as needed)

 Local Workshop Presenter

Workshop Presenter / Roundtable Facilitator leading in front of a group

What you’ll do:

  • Deliver locally-developed business training
  • Teach new concepts and information
  • Engage small business audiences


  • Public speaking and/or training experience; experience in education a plus
  • Proven mastery of a business topic or strategy

Time Commitment: 2-10 hours/month (as needed)

Chapter Support

Chapter Support person sitting at desk smiling

What you’ll do:

  • Manage local chapter activities
  • Support your chapter with administrative functions
  • Be the face of SCORE in your local community


  • Project management, administration and organizational skills
  • Computer proficiency

Time Commitment: 5-15 hours/month

Marketing Support

Marketing Support team gathered around table looking over reports

What you’ll do:

  • Develop marketing plans for your local chapter
  • Provide support with content development, website maintenance, social media, email marketing, or other marketing function


  • Project management, administration and organizational skills
  • Experience in your desired marketing function

Time Commitment: 4-16 hours/month

Community Outreach

Diverse Community Outreach team working at a table

What you’ll do:

  • Build meaningful relationships with other organizations in your community that support small business
  • Attract new small business owners and potential volunteers to SCORE


  • Project management, administration and organizational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Time Commitment: 4-16 hours/month


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer multiple volunteer roles to fit many levels of experience, skills, and time commitments — from experienced business mentor to local chapter support. Review the roles listed above to find a great match for you. Your local chapter will contact you for an interview to understand your volunteer goals and interests. Then apply!
SCORE volunteer roles are varied and the qualifications for each are different. Check out the roles and apply to volunteer. Your local chapter can help you find the best role fit for you.
As a SCORE Volunteer, you will be part of a large, highly-respected, national non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of small businesses across the U.S. You will work with many great people, all with a common vision to support small business owners. You will have the support and infrastructure of a local chapter and national headquarters to give you the tools and opportunities to excel as a volunteer.
The reasons to volunteer range from professional development to personal gratification. At SCORE, you get it all. You will grow and expand as a business professional working with small businesses. You can also directly help individual entrepreneurs achieve success. Ultimately, you will know that you have made a positive impact on business owners in your community.
To become a SCORE volunteer, you will need to complete a volunteer application. Your application will be sent to the SCORE chapter near you for review. SCORE will contact you for an appointment to interview you to understand your experience, background and interest.


Why Volunteer with SCORE?


Quite simply, if you want to make a lasting impact in your small business community, SCORE is the place to do that. Since 1964, SCORE has educated and mentored more than 11 million small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Small Business Mentoring Leader
Over 10000 volunteers serving clients in over 1500 communities

SCORE’s 10,000 volunteers provide business mentoring and education in more than 250 chapters across 1,500 communities nationwide.

Support for Everyone
Of SCORE's 2020 Client Base 60% are women, 46% are minorities, and 9% are veterans.

SCORE helps all owners and entrepreneurs nationwide. We offer business mentoring services and many resources and tools for all small businesses, including programs created for underserved audiences.

Big Impact to Small Businesses
2020 SCORE Mentoring Statistics

In 2020, SCORE mentors helped start 45,027 businesses, create 74,535 non-owner new jobs and 119,562 total new jobs.


As a SCORE volunteer, you will leave a lasting impact in your local business community. You will have the chance to work alongside other community-minded, business volunteers to build your local small business community.

Among the many reasons why SCORE volunteers love their roles:

  • Give back to your business community
  • Expand your business reputation locally
  • Network with local and national business experts
  • Develop new skills and SCORE training
  • Build deeper connections to your local community
  • Receive local and national recognition for your efforts
  • Invest your time and efforts positively help others

SCORE Volunteers Making a Difference

DeLisa Clift |
Business Mentor 

DeLisa works to increase the diversity in SCORE mentors and volunteers, so that SCORE can meet each business owner where they’re at and provide guidance from experience.

Ken Alozie |
Business Mentor

Ken’s passion for helping entrepreneurs brought him to SCORE. Assisting entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs along this business journey continually motivates him as a mentor.

Marc Goldberg |
Chapter Support

Marc volunteers to support the SCORE Cape Cod chapter. He reminds each of us that SCORE is about giving back to those around you. You can find a place in SCORE for your talents.

Cheri Bales |
Workshop Presenter

Education is particularly important to Cheri. This is why she became a SCORE presenter. Being a presenter allows her to share her marketing passion with other business owners.

Support Local Small Businesses and Apply to Volunteer Today!