What's special about your business? 

Agustin was born in Michocán, Mexico and immigrated to the United States thirty years ago. As soon as he arrived, Augustin realized this country was full of opportunities. He worked hard to take advantage of every opportunity presented to him.
For twenty-eight years Agustin managed his own electronic repair business in Santa Maria. He also recently acquired Pickford House, a mansion vacation rental in Cambria. He contacted SCORE and met Jack Luxton and Brad Spahr, who became his SCORE mentors. Agustin credits their “wonderful advice helping me be successful. I am thankful for their support throughout this journey.”
The previous owner of The Pickford House, Marcy Forgrave, was also supportive and taught Agustin how to manage a vacation rental business. With all the knowledge he acquired from his mentors and through his own research, Agustin is proud to say he’s been successfully operating The Pickford House for a year and a half.
Built in 1983, The Pickford House evolved from a high-end Bed and Breakfast to something unique. Allowing only one group per booking, this is a perfect place to spend quality time with family, friends, coworkers, just about anyone. When the house is vacant, Agustin and his wife Ana Elizabeth spend time in Cambria, making improvements for incoming guests. He is grateful for support received from his wife and daughters since beginning this journey. As Agustin says, “I’ve learned through hard work and discipline you can achieve anything. I never imagined myself in the position I am in today. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to start this business with my family.”

About the Pickford House

The Pickford House is a Victorian Mansion in the Heart of Cambria, Ca. Built in 1983, our mansion has evolved from a high-end bed & breakfast to something unique and very much needed. We allow only one group per booking. You and your group may enjoy the entire house privately and exclusively.

The Pickford House provides nine luxurious, spacious rooms, each with a full bath, shower, and television. Additionally, your stay comes with full use of our semi-commercial kitchen, dining room, separate living room, and parlor as well as a useful outdoor BBQ area.
The Pickford House was named after silent film star Mary Pickford. She and many movie stars visited and spent time together at Hearst Castle in the 1930s. Room Names are: Mary Pickford, Rudy Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Harold Lloyd, Lilian Gish, Norma Talmage, the Barrymores, and Clara Bow. All rooms include authentic antiques and each have a unique look and personality of it own. Choose the room that best suits your taste in decor.

The Pickford House