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Structuring Your Business

The legal structure of your business can take four basic forms:  Sole Proprietorship Partnership ("Limited" or "General") Corporation, S or C class Limited Liability Company (LLC... Read more

Marketing Your Business

As you determine your business potential you should ask the following questions: Is there a need for your business? Will your business be able to survive the competition?  Once... Read more

Taking the Necessary Steps to Get Started

Now that you have read this guide, do you still feel that having your own business is what you really want to do? If the answer is yes, here are some steps you should take to help... Read more

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business

One of the first steps that you should take before deciding to go into business is to determine why you, the prospective business owner, want to go into business. Have you... Read more

Turning Your Idea into a Business

Should I Start My Own or Buy an Existing Business?  The purpose of this publication is to help you start your own business. There are alternative ways of going into business, for... Read more


One of life's most exciting and rewarding challenges is owning your own business. It is as much a part of the American dream as owning your own home. Small business owners... Read more

San Luis Obispo SCORE | Business Tools

Use the templates below, then meet with a SCORE mentor for expert business planning advice. Business Planning Templates Simplified One Page Business Plan (PDF version) - (MS Word... Read more
Virtual Conference

National Small Business Week Virtual Conference 2020

This event will include educational presentations and panel discussions that help both new and existing businesses to recover, adapt and innovate. Read more

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