Margie has always been passionate about fish and fishing. To put her son through college, she decided to sell fresh-caught fish at local farmers' markets and to provide a weekly selection to her CSF clients throughout SLO county.

Lookie Loops

Chenot says: “SCORE has given me inspiration to pursue big goals! Whether it’s through a workshop, webinar, one-on-one mentoring I have felt encouraged and supported along the way... Read more

Doc Burnsteins

Doc Burnstein’s Greg Steinberger -  “SCORE guided us as I opened my doors in 2003 and again as I expanded. The value of these experienced mentors is priceless”. Doc Burnstein’s... Read more

Beach 'n Yogurt

Beach ‘N’ Yogurt's Ed Mulder - “I think what SCORE is doing is a great community service to all small businesses and entrepreneurs, this is what keeps America strong. I cannot... Read more

MZR Fitness

MZR Fitness's Mike Robinson -  “SCORE has been a tremendous help for starting and growing my business. With some of the most educated and experienced individuals on board at SCORE... Read more

Inner Light Interior Design

Inner Light Interior Design's Erica Gomez -  “My counselors were pleasant and supportive, their mention that I am well organized, I have carried with me as a strength. As a small... Read more

Accurate Welding & Manufacturing

Accurate Welding & Manufacturing's Scott and Ann Crutcher -  “Your expertise and willingness to share it is very helpful to us. We now have a much clearer idea what exactly we... Read more

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