Margie has always been passionate about fish and fishing. To put her son through college, she decided to sell fresh-caught fish at local farmers' markets and to provide a weekly selection to her CSF clients throughout SLO county.

Lookie Loops

Chenot says: “SCORE has given me inspiration to pursue big goals!

Doc Burnsteins

Doc Burnstein’s Greg Steinberger -  “SCORE guided us as I opened my doors in 2003 and again as I expanded.

Beach 'n Yogurt

Beach ‘N’ Yogurt's Ed Mulder - “I think what SCORE is doing is a great community service to all small businesses and entrepreneurs, this is what keeps America strong.

MZR Fitness

MZR Fitness's Mike Robinson -  “SCORE has been a tremendous help for starting and growing my business.

Inner Light Interior Design

Inner Light Interior Design's Erica Gomez -  “My counselors were pleasant and supportive, their mention that I am well organized, I have carried with me as a strength.

Accurate Welding & Manufacturing

Accurate Welding & Manufacturing's Scott and Ann Crutcher -  “Your expertise and willingness to share it is very helpful to us.

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