This week, the experts at Washington D.C.’s SCORE chapter help a start-up founder build a viral marketing campaign to lure more customers. 

The entrepreneur

It 2007, Greg Warner received a newsletter from one of his beloved charities seeking fundraising leads. He took a dim view of the impersonal mass-marketing approach and decided to call them to see if the effort was working well. It wasn’t.
Feeling a duty to offer assistance, Greg provided a new strategy to improve the effectiveness of the charity’s lead generation and using the strategy the organization generated more highly qualified leads—and found more gifts—than it had previously uncovered in any single marketing campaign.

Knowing the Council of Economic Advisors projection that the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history was looming, and seeing the success of that initial campaign, Greg decided to act. He paired his understanding of Internet technology and savvy marketing to form MarketSmart, which would help non-profit organizations increase the pace and scale of their fundraising efforts.   

The challenge

Greg Warner, founder and CEO of MarketSmart, based in College Park, MD:

“Raising money for good causes is not easy. The growth of the charitable sector has led to competition among myriad charities to gain the support of wealthy donors.

“Fundraisers need to know who they should talk to among those with the capacity to make the most impact, when they should reach out to them, and why they might be interested in giving to their cause.”