Marketing Your Unique Business January 26, 2022, 5:00pm PST January 26, 2022, 7:00pm PST
Zoom Webinar

What every new business owner must learn and every existing business owner better know!  

Everyone’s business is unique! And every business has a USP! Do you know yours?  Learn how to identify your Unique Selling Position(s), the key component of any successful business, and how to apply your USP, using ALL your marketing tools.

Study the philosophy of” Branding”. Learn the 5 critical P’s of every successful Marketing Strategy, how to market your product or service’s features as consumer benefits, and much, much more!

About the Presenter(s)

Joseph S Whitaker

I can assist your businesss growth and success by helping you prepare a marketing plan including any of these aspects... advertising, public relations, merchandising, branding and licensing. Also, in the sales area by dicussing what you should be looking for in a sales person. Im also an expert in discussing with clients the marketing concept of Unique Selling Proposition. I review a clients...

Michael Gordon

As I was transitioning from the full time military to military reserve I started and operated a retail art, portrait art and art framing business. During this time I was completing a MBA program with emphasis industrial training and also working as an outside salesman for a wine company. In the pursuing years also owned and co-owned an educational consulting company while having a thirty-three...

Marketing Your Unique Business