10 Steps to Improving Cash Flow December 1, 2022, 5:00pm PST December 1, 2022, 6:30pm PST
Zoom Webinar

When a company provides a product or service, it has a right to expect to be paid on a timely basis. However, anyone who’s been in business a month or more has learned that prompt payment is not always the case. Often, accounts get seriously past due, or when payments are made, there may be insufficient funds in the customer’s account to cover a check or a credit card may charge back. Accounts not paid within terms can have a dramatically negative impact on the “cash flow” of a business.

Vito Mazza will show you his top 10 Tips to improve your cash flow by defining, setting and adhering to a consistent credit and collection policy.

Workshop Presenter: Vito Mazza, Kinum, Inc

Vito Mazza is a positive, values-based leader, an engaging communicator, and a skillful presenter. He is accomplished at empowering world-class teams of all sizes, in the non-profit and for profit sectors. As an experienced educator and team player, he is adept at recognizing, recruiting and developing organizational talent. Vito is innovative and experienced at assessing group strengths/needs, evaluating options, and conceiving goals. Through Kinum, he maximizes client potential, A/R team’s performance, and client profitability.

Key Topics

10 Steps to Improving Cash Flow