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Bob Stein
East Orleans, MA

I have led organizations in numerous industries that serve a very wide variety of markets and that range in size from start up to very mature (+$250 million of annual revenues.) &n

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Eric Marichal
Ellsworth, ME

I believe anyone with the desire and drive to be a entrepreneur should be able to do so.

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Glenn Lesky
South Coventry, PA

Please Visit My Website at Sales and Management Executive. Demonstrates success with local, national and global organizations.

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James A Robbins Jr.
Gilbert, AZ

I can help improve businesses performance in the areas of manufacturing, sourcing, procurement and general business operations as well as provide coaching on systematic problem sol

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Ward Harker
Vancouver, WA

Methods of continuous improvement in various aspects of their business.

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Scott Andrew Stephens
Seattle, WA

I have extensive experience working in leadership roles for small and medium-sized companies in the marine transportation & construction industry and, earlier in my career, in

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Martin Restrepo
Bellevue, WA

I can help improve business performance in the areas of marketing, strategic planning, and finance.

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Robert Niemiec
San Antonio, TX

As a manufacturing , engineering, operations and distribution professional, my experience has spanned across a number of industries from heavy manufacturing to light precison machi

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Mark Penick
Austin, TX

I can help improve business performance in Hiring, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Business Planning.

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Delbert Carver
Moorhead, MN

I can help improve business performance in sales, marketing, distribution (domestic and international), logistics and warehousing.   My diverse background has allowed me

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Jay Treadway
Faribault, MN

Experienced in running my own multi-million dollar company including marketing, finance, planning, warehousing, IT, benefits and employee relations.     

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Garry Rosenberger
Muscle Shoals, AL

Garry Rosenberger has over 30 years experience in a variety of leadership positions in companies ranging from a small family business to a Fortune 500 firm.

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Lorne G Greenwood Jr
Livonia, MI

Manufacturing Management experience at two automobile companies, two automotive parts suppliers and one machine tool company.

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