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Dr. Holly Sawyer
Jenkintown, PA

I can help you to navigate the process to become a 501(c) 3 organization. My expertise includes therapy, healthcare, training, private practice and non-profit management.

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Raj Mehta
Warren, NJ

Extensive background in manufacturing, with strengths in general management, market development, and finance.

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Frank Callahan
Plymouth, MA

My strength is in helping clients determine the feasibility of a business idea, and then help lay out the steps necessary to make that idea a reality.

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Elizabeth Salas
Fresno, CA

Industry experience: Agriculture and Farming, banking, financial services and insurance. Over 30 years experience, 10 years in management and a small business development officer.

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Prentiss Uchida
Moorpark, CA

During the past 40 years, as a serial entrepreneur, held key management positions in both private and public companies, including founder and CEO of Vector General (a pioneer in gr

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Dr. Thomas J Dudley
Glendale, CA

I ca help improve your business performance as a start-up or on-going enterprise.

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Jerry 'Gerald' J Wroblewski
San Mateo, CA

I have mentored and coached employees and clients thru my work and volunteer life.

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Genrikh Sivorinovsky
San Francisco, CA

I have extensive international executive management experience in the Biotechnology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics industries.

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Joel Kaufmann
Berkeley, CA

I can help you start or improve a service business, especially a consulting practice.  I also can help you think through and develop a business plan that is right for you.

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Leonard Frie
El Dorado Hills, CA

I have experience in starting businesses from the idea stage to operations. I can help evaluate the value of an existing business.

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Christopher Nelle
Santa Rosa, CA

1999-2014 Senior Vice President-Regional Director Central Valley Corporate Banking-Union Bank-Mitsubishi United Financial Group

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Dr. Michael J Newmark
Reno, NV

Started cardiology practice in 1979 with one other.  Grew to 18 cardiologists including office in Carson City.  Satellite clinics in rural Nevada and California.  Bu

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