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Dick Mader
Glendale, CA

Founded a media company that distributes newspapers, magazines, books, and DVDs.

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Larry Nelson
Flower Mound, TX

I am a successful professional operations manager and consultant with extensive background in Supply Chain Management.

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Rodger Pearson
West Fargo, ND

Retired corporate Director with brackground in start-up, new product indroductions, and manufacturing.  Prior positions: Division Manger - Steffes Corp.

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Jim Krueger
Marshfield, WI

I can assist with start-up, business plans, accounting, corporate structure/ownership, legal, other business matters. 

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Kenneth Ahlers
Greenville, SC

Financial, operations and administrative professional with broad business background and industry experience.

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Edward E Stafford
Poinciana, FL

If you review my Resume, you will see that I have a very diverse background in Leadershhip for many years.

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Daniel Elias

I’m a creative & practical leader with 15+ years of experience driving business growth through lean manufacturing and process improvement.  I turned around quality a

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Lalgudi Vasudevan
Austin, TX

Vasu is a thought leader, influencer and strategist with extensive experience in change management, Innovation and Supply Chain.

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Robert L Shaver
Leander, TX

* Business operations.  * Corporate and Commercial Real Estate * Finance * Human Resources *  Events management * Purchasing

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Gary Klow
Highland Park, IL

 I can provide guidance and advise on starting a new business.

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Emil Winograd
Glencoe, IL

In my 40 year plus career, I have worked in a Fortune 500 setting as a Senior officer as well as owning a business which was sold 3 plus years ago.

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Jim Ross
Levering, MI

I can help improve business performance in planning, operations, marketing, human resources and developing new managers for leadership positions.  I can help companies in vari

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Peter J Pescatore
Cohasset, MA

For new or existing small companies I can help you to get started, understand your strengths and weakness as you go to market, develop effective infrastructure to deliver customer

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