Carol Chenot started her business in May of 2016 after inventing a fashion accessory that the thought would be beneficial only to her. But, when she shared it with others and they saw how they could keep their cell phones or sunglasses really handy with no effort, Lookie Loops was born. So, in that way, she was what she refers to as an 'accidental entrepreneur'.

How SCORE helped. 

Chenot says: “SCORE has given me inspiration to pursue big goals! Whether it’s through a workshop, webinar, one-on-one mentoring I have felt encouraged and supported along the way to take big steps. For example, one of those steps was to build an e-mail database. This was a step I did NOT want to take but my mentor encouraged it. So I started with 17 people in that database. It’s now up to 1300 and I see a direct correlation between my email marketing and online sales at”

Lookie Loops