A full spectrum of services is available to recruit, screen and train quality workers on or off-site of your facility.


The Employment Development Department (EDD) is a public employment service for the State of California serving employers and job seekers statewide.  Through the Internet-based CalJOBS, the EDD Job Service offers a statewide network that provides an instant link for employers to qualified local job seekers as well as anywhere in California.  The EDD can also provide assistance and interview rooms for large-scale or individual recruitment.


Employment Development Department
(805) 788-2697

San Luis Obispo Job Service

Cuesta College Office of Employment Training (OET)

Eligibility: CalWORKs students and Career Plus participants enrolled at Cuesta College

The EOT has seven programs to assist CalWORKs students in becoming viable, productive members of the workforce by providing students a means to develop employment skills and work experience.  Provides a valuable and meaningful service to employers.


Cuesta College Office of Employment Training
(805) 546-3924

Employer Advisory Council

Acts in an advisory capacity to the San Luis Obispo/Paso Robles Employment Development Department (EDD) to keep the EDD Job Service responsive to the changing needs of the business community.  Sponsors educational programs and seminars.  For information about upcoming employer seminars call (805) 788-2684

Employment Training Panel

Eligibility: Manufacturing companies and companies facing out of state competition

The Employment Training Panel is a California State Agency created in 1982 as a cooperative business labor program to retain workers.  This program funds training projects for currently employed workers.  ETP has funded over $86 million in on-the-job training for companies locating, expanding, or retaining jobs in California.


California Employment Training Panel
(916) 327-5262

Job Training/Job Placement – Private Industry Council (PIC)

Eligibility: Local businesses Works with local employers to help pay the cost of training and placing potential employees in jobs on their workforce.

Provides funding and assistance to eligible job and training seekers who are looking for work but lack necessary skills and experience.  Trained staff provide job and career counseling; vocational aptitude and interests; job placement and follow-up; contract management; business presentations; and is currently working on creation of a county wide One-Stop Career Center system with four locations around San Luis Obispo County.


Private Industry Council (PIC) of San Luis Obispo County
(805) 781-2601

Labor Market Information

A source for thousands of labor market statistics (both local and statewide) including occupational and industry data, employment/unemployment data, emerging occupations and trends, wage and salary data and demographic information. 

Performance-Based Training and Support Services

The Institute for Professional Development program is designed to enhance the economic development of San Luis Obispo County by providing performance based training and support services that help employers and employees achieve their business and human performance goals.  Customized training programs include: Coaching, Consulting, Strategic Planning, and Ropes Team Building Courses.  Computer Application training programs include customized courses and general business computer classes provided in a state-of-the-art computer lab.


Cuesta College Institute for Professional Development
(805) 541-0924

Work Opportunity and Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit (WOTC)

Eligibility: California businesses

The WOTC program promotes the hiring of qualified job seekers by offering employers a federal tax incentive credit of up to $8,500.  The program also assists job seekers who qualify to find jobs.


Employment Development Department
(805) 788-2697