Owning a business is both exciting and intimidating.

With SCORE, you have lots of support. Browse these tools and find resources to help you make decisions on starting or growing your enterprise. Your SCORE mentor can assist in putting your ideas into action.


How to Do Business In San Luis Obispo County

How to Do Business In San Luis Obispo County Read more


San Luis Obispo SCORE | Business Resources

This section provides descriptions and contact information for the most-often-requested resources during our mentoring sessions and workshops. (SCORE San Luis Obispo County thanks... Read more

San Luis Obispo SCORE | Business Tools

Use the templates below, then meet with a SCORE mentor for expert business planning advice. Business Planning Templates Simplified One Page Business Plan (PDF version) - (MS Word... Read more
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How To Succeed SEO Style - Learn SEO's 4 Pillars Of Wisdom

July 27, 2021,

In this article, we cover 4 major SEO Pillars (Structure, Content, Backlinks and Technology) that are essential for a strong SEO effort.


How To Choose A Keyword

May 25, 2021,

Choosing the right keyword is an important step in a good SEO strategy. Learn how to choose the best keywords to grow your business.


Business Model Canvas PLUS | SCORE

May 6, 2021,

The Business Model Canvas PLUS Is a Business Management Template that is crucial in helping you grow your business.


Point Of Difference

April 16, 2021,

Learn about the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) along with the most important factors to consider when determining the USP for your business.


Starting A Business

March 18, 2021,

Learn more about the common characteristics of Business Owners and whether Starting A Business is right for you.


Key Partners

August 3, 2020,

Every company builds a collection of key partners.  Think of a partner as another person or business that helps your business be successful. Key resources and key activities may be provided by these partners. You will want to nurture relationships with your partners and be prepared in the event that something happens to your partners.


Key Activities

November 25, 2019,