Owning a business is both exciting and intimidating.

With SCORE, you have lots of support. Read our client comments and see how SCORE can help your business succeed!

Client Comments

L. W. San Luis Obispo - Thanks to you and T. for taking the time to meet with D. and myself.  I enjoyed meeting you and gained a lot from our meeting.  You and T. are a great team.  I can see why the local Score sets up teams.  Its very valuable and I feel more comes out of the discussion as a result.  Your synopsis of the meeting was excellent.  It gives us a path forward.  We have a lot of research to do.  We discussed waiting until we were better prepared but we also knew we would no doubt get a lot out of meeting early in the process.  I'm glad we did not wait.  It was very valuable and helps us shape our concept.  .

C.E. San Luis Obispo - Mr. M spent a great deal of time listening to my dreams, goals, and the history of my organization. Then, he started coming up with concrete ways of how to move forward. Additionally, he seems genuinely interested in the success of C G W. He also followed up via email and telephone with more helpful suggestions. I am extremely grateful for his guidance & support!

M.K. Paso Robles - P gave me time, attention and constructive ideas. It was beneficial to me, both in confirming my ideas, and adding some new steps to take, also the widsom/advice to take it at a reasonable pace, to allow it to grow, step by step, not to push myself with unrealistic expectations.

As a business entrepreneur being open to different ideas and experiences from the SCORE mentors can never do any harm. I find that sometimes you become isolated and in this economy the magical opportunity or idea can come from any source. Talking to people that have been on this path can only be of benefit. 

C.M. Arroyo Grande - The advice was not only practical but very goal-oriented. I liked L's approach to business where she gave a phrase for me to take home which would give me a quick, clear definition of what needs to be done to succeed! I also liked her and J's follow-up with emails and calls.

K.M.  Atascadero - The whole experience was more than I expected and I appreciate the fact that SCORE exists for the community and was there for me.

D.P. Santa Maria - The 3 mentors were all very responsive. Particularly J as he regularly contacts me via email and is very prompt. They also ask very thoughtful and relevant questions and give helpful feedback. We are looking forward to continued support. 

H.V. Arroyo Grande - I thought that both of the counselors were very helpful and clearly had a lot of experience in helping people with all sorts of business ideas. All of their suggestions for getting started were great. They were very polite and professional. I liked meeting with two counselors, rather than just one person... you know what you are doing! 

K.W.  Paso Robles - My first meeting with P was very informative and he was very knowledgeable about the subjects we discussed. He took time to make sure everything was explained to me in detail and all my question were answered 

L.P.  Atascadero - We happened to download the 28 page plan and filled out a lot of it before our meeting... it is invaluable. Having neutral feedback from a business plan focus is wonderful and useful in a down to earth manner.

S.R.  San Luis Obispo - All my questions were answered. The mentors were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. I think it's wonderful that prospective entrepreneurs in the community have this invaluable resource available to guide them. 


  • Advantage Answering Plus, San Luis Obispo
  • Budget Café, San Luis Obispo
  • Cornucopia Tool & Die, Paso Robles
  • Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab, Arroyo Grande, Orcutt and San Luis Obispo
  • House of Bread, San Luis Obispo
  • KCBXnet, San Luis Obispo
  • Patio Pacific Inc., San Luis Obispo
  • San Luis Sourdough, San Luis Obispo (now part of Sara Lee Corp.)
  • TechXpress, San Luis Obispo