The Business Resources section has been designed to answer many questions the SCORE San Luis Obispo County business counselors encounter in counseling sessions and workshops.  Although it primarily addresses county issues, contacts and programs, state and federal issues are also addressed.

SCORE San Luis Obispo County thanks the generosity of the Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) for providing the base information contained in this section.  The EVC site can be viewed at

  • Counseling & Development provides descriptions and contact info for local (county), state and national organizations providing support services to small businesses.

  • Business Resources Associations supplies contact info for county chambers of commerce and merchants associations.

  • Financing Your Business shows local SBA lenders, and many other loan and grant providers.

  • Incentives gives descriptions and contact info for a variety of business incentive programs.

  • Business Energy and Water Management supplies information and contacts for energy and water management programs designed for business.

  • Labor Market Resources provides information and contacts for multiple labor programs.

  • Regulations and Permits gives information on the permitting process and regulations that impact small business.

  • County & Citiy Offices shows contact info for county and city departments plus other often requested numbers.

  • Online Resources provides website addresses for local, county, state and federal organizations.

  • Publications gives contact info for helpful publications (mostly free) that are helpful to small business.